La leyenda de Sally Jones

Family / Spanish / 55 minutes

This is the story of an extraordinary journey throughout the world. The story of a mysterious jewel thief and a sad sailor with a heart of gold. A story about wicked evil in hot jungles and a loyal friendship in stormy oceans. A story about longing, hope and cruel betrayals.

Child / Catalan / 45 minutes

Tim loves to see the sea. Therefore, whenever he can, visits his grandmother in her fishing village. There he will meet Kalin, a girl of his age, who will tell him the story of Moby Dick. Playing and blowing the imagination, Tim and Kalin will relive the adventures of the great white whale to free herself from Captain Ahab's harpoons and continue swimming free in the 7 seas.

Young / Spanish / 60 minutes

M.A.R is a journey through the time. A landscape in constant movement through spaces, people and memories. The story of an old family home and a technical-poetic treatise on our homes and their meaning; wood, photographs, everyday utensils, the smell of firewood and the sound of the sea behind the windows. The life, in short, of One House.

CIA. MATITO - La sirena hidràulica
Family / Catalan / 40 minutes

“Sometimes we spend too much time waiting for something that changes our live”. Greta is an old woman who goes every day to sew to the beach, next to her bathhouse. She is the only one who still uses it. She has a basket full of junk. However, she caresses one with special enthusiasm. It has a mermaid shape and remains her the crazy and funny summer in which she met Matito and where this desire, yet to be fulfilled, was born. 

CIE. LIVSMEDLET - Invisible Lands
Young / No words / 55 minutes 

Flocks of people walking on the hill of a bent back. A family lost in a mountain of knees, hunted down by a helicopter the size of a matchbox. A makeshift boat, swayed on a blue painted belly... With "Invisible Lands", Swedish choreographer Sandrina Lindgren and Israeli puppeteer Ishmael Falke play on the scale between their bodies and miniature figures to question the media treatment of the migrants' drama.

CIA. MINIMONS - Un teatre al jardí
Family / Catalan / 40 minutes

Sensory tour show in which families will be the protagonists. Patrick goes on tour with his parents all over the world. Thanks to reading your newspaper, we will visit different cities and live your adventures. Are you ready for the trip? Suitcase, passport, desire for adventure!

DAVID ESPINOSA - Historia Universal
Young / No words / 60 minutes 

Continuing with the experimentation with the object as a narrative element, he tries to theatricalize universal history from his particular perspective, generating an audio-visual journey through some of the events that constitute the development of humanity. A unique kind of history, a brief and unfinished story, through the manipulation of objects, choreographic action and the projection of shadows.

Family / Catalan / 20 minutes 

Whales, however small, are large, very large and difficult to find on the mainland. However, there is a force capable of making them emerge from the seabed. The (little) Moby Dick has fallen in love and has embarked on a mysterious continental journey to find the person who left “the most beautiful love letter in the world”, inside a bottle. Nevertheless, how to find it...? The whale does not imagine that, perhaps, what he craves is closer than he thinks.

Family / Catalan / 50 minutes 

Two boys and a girl spend hours playing Martians. The universe is part of their game, just as we are all part of the universe. However, one day, their orbits branch off. The years pass. They are now adults. She is about to make the dream of all three come true: travel truly to space. She does not want to leave without saying goodbye. They want to say goodbye before he leaves. They are reunited or not, the memory wakes up, the games return, the stars make constellations impossible again.

HOLOQUÉ - La caixeta
Family / Catalan / 5 minutes

Two dancers rest on top of a giant music box. The show takes us on a journey full of gears that are transformed and bring to life a beautiful love story forbidden between music and dance under King Fear's governments. A story of despotism and the forbidden loves, in a cosmos of music and dance.

Family / Catalan / 50 minutes

A reflection, from the poetics of the absurd, about the mallorquinity, about the impact of tourism, about the power struggle, about the emptiness, the silence and the solitude in front the immensity, about the ridiculousness of being older and the longing to be small.

A metaphorical journey to human depths to find what keeps us swimming, searching and paddling, despite the unpredictable and always surprising magnitude and force of the waves.

JAM - Le voyage
Family / No words / 50 minuts

A daily life: work, family, leisure ... but this one will be truncated when, suddenly, war breaks out.

With Le voyage, JAM focuses on refugees as a result of a war. A reflection on an invisible and often depersonalized collective, emphasizing the fact that they are people like any of us and that it could touch us all.

Family / No words / 50 minutes 

LaBú Teatre invites you to feel, to get excited, to lose yourself ... Through the movement; two actors create visual paintings suspended in an indefinite, vulnerable and possible space. A poetic spectacle for all audiences that will lead the spectator to a state of lightness and freedom. A reflection, from a poetic point of view, of human frailty. Where do we go when we fall off the tightrope of life? How is this fragility within us?

Child / Catalan / 45 minutes 

Orpheus was a young Greek whose music is able to quench storms, move stones and tame wild beasts. Eurydice is a young nymph protecting forests and nature. One day they both fall in love. However, his happiness does not last long. A snakebite kills Eurydice. Desolate, Orpheus decides to go down to hell in search of his beloved.

OPAKAR - Los Orgos
Family/ Spanish / 30 minutes

Gigantic and very affectionate. This is Los Orgos, a traveling couple who loves to meet new people and places. In their endless journey around the world, Los Orgos, they demonstrate to all those they know, that they are very different from their cousins ​​the Ogres.

OPAKAR - Los recicladores, Chocolitos
Family/ Spanish / 30 minutes

From some distant lands, some new friends arrive to tell us, that we do not ruin the Earth, because it is difficult to find a good planet. Chocolitos are experts in recycling and travel around the globe to teach all children and adults that we must take care of the earth, our only home.

OPAKAR - Luminolife
Family/ Spanish / 30 minutes

In its eternal journey through the cosmos, the Voyager 1 space probe has contacted some beings of light who, after thoroughly examining Voyager, have made the decision to visit us. The visitors, as we call them, were so delighted with the message, that they wanted to come to see us, to thank us and teach us a new way of living the light.

Child / No words / 35 minutes

"He was once a little boy. A little boy with an egg.
A very round egg, which has inside a birdie. "
Secret - Miguel Torga (translated frrm Spanish)

One of the simplest poems of the Portuguese writer Miguel Torga, which in a few lines reveals as a well-kept secret, can strengthen a true friendship, inspires O Ninho.

Cchild / Catalan / 50 minutes

Cloud Cloud is a poetic game in which, with love and humor, we talk about what we are capable of steel to help others.

Light is a magical being that lives in the clouds. One day, an aviator crashes in super cloud and Light gives him wings so that I can return. As of this moment, Light will not be able to continue flying and will end up falling to the ground.

PIZZICATTO TEATRO - El Caballero sin caballo
Family / Spanish / 50 minutes 

A long time ago, in a magical age full of mysterious beings and enchanted castles, a troubadour sang this story. This unique character, in his wandering way, lived fantastic adventures and his most precious dream and rescued a beautiful princess from the sinister claws of the evil Warlock.

PUCK CINEMA CARAVANA - PUCK i la seva troupe
Family / No words / 20 minutes

The characters of the Puck make the revolution and go out. They look for imaginative hands to become real through the game. The whole troupe will turn the world upside down to live animated adventures and to redraw us, becoming some more characters of its endless crew.

RAUXA - La crisi de la imaginació
Family / No words / 50 minutes 

What if one day the imagination disappeared? In a grey world, two adults manage to immerse themselves in the imaginary of children, where everything becomes possible again and where the boundaries between the real and the unreal are not yet established. Through a very particular puppet, the manipulation of objects, acrobatics and dance, the characters create absurd and at the same time poetic situations, full of magic and fantasy in search of claiming the power of the imagination.

XIP XAP - Hamelí
Child  / Catalan / 50 minutes

Hamelí, the mysterious misfortune of an idyllic village infected with rats. Only in our story, rats do not come from outside, rats have always been there!

Family / No words / 60 minutes

Being free, many times, does not consist in breaking the bonds but in living with them. While we try, life repeats itself in an echo that echoes in the walls of heads and hearts. This is the recurring nightmare of two comedians caught on stage. A dance of visual metaphors where the tangle that has been weaving their relationship is exposed.

Family / No words / 50 minutes

When Rob got on that ship, he did not know he would ever reach his destination. Maybe, destiny had that place reserved for him. An island where he will only find himself. When life drifts, it is difficult to know what our port is. Moreover, while they come to rescue us, the imagination becomes our only lifeboat. Dear audience, thank you for coming to accompany Rob in his solitude. However, do not call him, he cannot hear you. His island, although it seems to be outside, is actually inside. So relax, sit down and good shipwreck!

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